Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith: Getting Started as a Content Writer

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Do you find yourself  dreaming of a freelance writing career but not knowing where to start and stuck in the limbo of an empty portfolio? Wondering how on earth to create a portfolio without having landed that first client? And at the same time, all clients are demanding a portfolio, so how can you land clients? It’s the catch-22 of the freelance writing world, and it’s all too real.

That’s precisely what this course is here to solve! It’s for all aspiring freelance content writers who want to start freelance writing but are stuck in the “lack of samples” phase. By the end of this course, you walk away with a compelling portfolio sample (a blog post – one of the most demanded types of content) even without having prior clients.

The course consists of 4 modules (see their breakdown below), each focusing on different aspects of content writing – from the difference between copywriting & content writing and how content writers make money all the way to the roadmap you need to follow to become a freelance content writer & the 7 steps to writing a high-quality blog post and so much more.

It’s a self-study, recorded course that you can watch at your own pace. Read its full details here.