Round 1: Getting Started as a Content Writer: Unleash Your Inner Wordsmith

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If you’ve been searching for a kick-start to your freelance writing career, this beginner content writing course is the ideal starting  point for you. Throughout the course, you’ll be guided  through the process of creating a portfolio that will get you noticed. With a focus on crafting an exemplary portfolio sample, in just 6 days, you’ll go from a blank page to a polished and ready-to-publish blog post that catches the attention of potential clients.

By the end of this course, you’ll have :

    • Your first blog post ready to show to potential clients (and we all know the importance of a portfolio)
    • The tools and knowledge to create high-quality, compelling content every time
    • Clarity on what you should do next to launch your freelance writing career
    • Access to an exclusive, supportive community of content writers to keep you motivated and on track

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